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July 22, 2008
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Screenshot 22th July 2008 by solidslash Screenshot 22th July 2008 by solidslash
Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Alpha 2
XFCE + Compiz-fusion
GTK theme - Vorta
Emerald theme - Vorta
Icons theme - Eikon
Running : sonata (music player), thunar (file manager), conky (system monitor), tint2 (task manager), trayer (tray)

oh, forgot to add : conky & tint & trayer configurations are based on a brilliant "What is in a name?"'s ( guy from ubuntuforums ) idea. He's also the author of icon's theme, so any kinds of appreciation go to him! Thanks dude!
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rochak100 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2008
hi.. I have already ubuntu installed

can i get just install XFCE desktop environment

sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop

and get going?

thanks for your help
rochak100 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2008
thanks solidslash...

I am burning xubuntu !!!
rochak100 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2008
hi solidslash,

great desktop ! I have been looking for something like this for ages and can't get over it once I have seen this :( I wish I could have something like this.. but don't know where to begin from :(

Few questions

1) Is this using GNOME or KDE desktop or something totally different? Which intrepid ISO should I download --- gnome, kde or something else?

2) How can I configure my desktop to be like yours? Will be indebted if you can guide me.

And once again, I just can't get over the look of your desktop, I have fallen in love with it
solidslash Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2008
Whoah, great to see such an impressive comment. Thanks!
First of all, I used here XFCE desktop environment. Since I assume you don't have a lot of linux-related experience, I suggest you to download Xubuntu. It is based on XFCE and it has all the necessary things you would need.
Speaking of configuration, it's plain and easy. As soon as you manage to download, burn and, as a consequence, successfully install Xubuntu on your hard drive, set up your wallpaper & gtk theme. All the needed information is located in the submission's description. You shouldn't have any problems with that. Next, install all the required stuff. You will need trayer, tint2, sonata and conky - there are lots of tutorials and how-tos on doing that. You will also have to get rid of the xfce4-panel, you can do that with killing it and saving your session so that during a startup, xfce will not load the panel. Instead of it, add tint to the sessions and configure it with the code I've mentioned here : [link]
Unfortunately, I do not have that conky configuration file any more. It's easy to set up on your own, just google for some guides. The icon set I used here is Eikon, but considering the fact that this submission is a bit old, there is an updated version of that icons set - get them from here : [link]

And the most important thing - go to , get some help on basics from them and use google :)
puat Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2008
great wallpaper.thnx for the link
solidslash Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2008
No problem fella, thanks for the comment!
Bifidusactif Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2008
Good job Solid !
solidslash Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2008
Hey, thanks for your comment here :)
flamingmoe1979 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2008
Nice shot mate. Where can i find that icon theme?

Greetz :)

I like that taskbar
solidslash Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2008
Thanks alot.
You can download icon theme ( work of "What is in a name?" from, btw. he's doing great job over there ) from : [link]
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